Over my fifteen-year career as an instructor, I have taught all ages in a number of countries and contexts. I have had the pleasure of leading a team of teachers as diverse in teaching strategies as they were in their nationalities. I have looked beyond my classroom to mentor, but just as often learn from, colleagues and together orchestrate the design and evaluation of department-wide curriculum.

My family and I have now settled in Southern Oregon. I am a STEAM instructor with Talent Maker City, a nonprofit working tirelessly with local organizations, like Migrant Education and Oregon Youth Authority, to bring hands-on educational programs to impacted populations in the community. Throughout my career, I have found nothing beats working with other dedicated educators to help students reach their full potential and realize their goals. Once you work in education, it is hard to do anything else for a living!

Outside the classroom I focus on my family. My wife and I have two kids who share our interests in music, food, travel, and the outdoors. We are a lively bunch, who travel well together. Whether camping or on a transoceanic flight, I could not ask for better company!

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