Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning Network I was asked by my graduate course to mind map my professional learning network, the numerous sources from which teachers draw inspiration, new material, and fresh ideas. In my mind map, font size indicates which sources I rely on most. The larger the font, the greater the reliance. Sitting down to reflect on where my teaching ideas have come from, I was not surprised at all to see colleagues and education blogs as my top resources. However, I am excited to add Twitter to the mix, as it has already given me an easy way to keep up to date with resources which I had not come across.

One thought on “Professional Learning Network

  1. I really enjoy the way you made the connections, but also added the extra element of “weight” of importance of those connections. Changing the font size to denote how much you rely on certain connections provides a nice visual element to the assignment, and helps provide you ways in which you can grow. For example, education blogs are larger than Youtube and social media, so you have room to grow there. If you were to include the connections that your colleagues and other professionals have on social media websites, or connect certain blog writers to “professionals”, I wonder if you might see certain areas of this map grow.


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