I have found my career of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) incredibly rewarding. Over the past fourteen years I have enjoyed teaching bankers in Prague, university students in Sarajevo, and for the last ten years elementary students in Taichung, Taiwan. In my last position as Head Foreign EFL Instructor in a private K-6 elementary school, I had the pleasure of leading a team of eleven foreign (non-Taiwanese) teachers as diverse in teaching strategies as they were in their nationalities. This position gave me the opportunity to look beyond my classroom to mentor, but just as often learn from, my colleagues and orchestrate the design and implementation of department-wide curriculum.

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology in conjunction with a Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design at Michigan State University in order to explore the scope of technological innovation in education and bring the best ideas to those who lack the time or expertise to do so on their own. Digital game-based learning in particular has the potential to provide students with the kind of trial and error experiences that are key to enhancing conceptual understanding. Regarding EFL learning, which by definition means studying English in a non-English speaking country, the fact that these games could be a reliable form of self study would significantly increase students’ time interacting with the target language outside of the EFL classroom, which is normally severely limited.

As I have learned so much already from the MSU courses I have completed thus far, I am very eager to see what lies ahead…

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